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Call Us: 888-552-9775

Brenda Phong

Senior Staffing Consultant


Born and raised in San Jose, I enjoy everything about living in the Bay Area from the food, the culture to the people that make up our melting pot. I graduated from San Jose State University in 2014 with a BS in Health Science. My love for communities and giving back to them kickstarted my career in a non-profit after college. I will continue to join and work for companies/organizations that have the same mindset, and want to spread the love throughout the bay!

During my spare time, I love researching and looking for new “foodie” spots, especially when it comes to pizza. I also enjoy traveling locally and hope to travel outside of the country to not only experience the culture but to try different cuisines. You can also find me hiking and working out on the weekends. With my background in health, I try to push my body to the limits and keep a healthy but fun lifestyle.